Menu Organization

Think of your menus as organizers. What would be the most important categories for a viewer to see when they come to your site? The designer can make that decision for you, but you know your business best.

At the very least, have a sit-down meeting (or phone conference) with your designer to make sure they understand your business and what sets you apart from the rest of the world. Even better, if you really do know what you are looking for, is to give a set of specifications to the designer.

Some simple rules to follow are:

  • Keep the main organization to no more than 5-7 categories
  • Use keywords in the titles
  • Always be specific, no catch-all like a Miscellaneous tab

Remember to keep your menu tab item names simple and short. This will help prevent your menu items from being so wordy, you break the template design and run out of room.

Create an outline version of your website, then create the content. Easy, huh?