Search Engine Optimization

Submitting a Website for Search Engines:

Not necessary.   All the big search engines have webbots, spiders and crawlers constantly searching the internet and will find everything. 



Keep your content fresh, and give visitors a reason to keep coming back to bump up traffic to your site.   Use a blog (oh how I hate that word!) to add content, keep folks up to date on what you are doing or offering.  That's what makes Facebook so popular!   Which brings up another issue for me... Facebook.  I hate it when I hear people say "I don't need a website, I have a Facebook page."  Great!  But how would anyone find you on Facebook if they don't know you exist?  Ever try to search on Facebook?  Get a website, make sure it is mobile ready, and THEN create a Facebook page to drive traffic back and forth.  Then add your Facebook module on the front page of your website.   All your updates on Facebook will appear on the web page.  Easy peasy!

By the way, Joomla is a content management system.  I like to say Content is king!  And it is.  Without content, you don't have a website.   What makes you stand out from the crowd?   How can you be unique?  Why would I want to visit your site, buy from you, or even make a trip in my car to your storefront?   Content!  It tells the story of who you are.  So get cracking, start writing, and be innovative.  Become a resource for your industry.


Google Website Submission

Visit Google Website Submission page by clicking on this link.


Google Business:

Claim your business on Google, and add your domain name.   Google offers all sorts of great tools for a website owner to use.   For instance, you can add your business, upload photos for it, and advertise for your area for your storefront.   

Get Your Content on Google is a great article about just what they can do for you, both free and pay-for-use.   

Search Engine Optimization is not hard, just time consuming.   I spent six months working on a site's SEO, to move it to the first page of Google.  Even after all that work, and gaining placement on the first page, Google changed the algorithm, and Boom!   My site plummeted.  Just use good what hat business practices for your site, and work toward local placement first.  National will come, but it takes time.



Great idea!   All websites should have a sitemap.  It is easy to have one if you are using Joomla since there are so many great tools for creating the content from your menus and links.  Submit your sitemap with Google by  visting this page:

Maybe you don't think you need one, or that no one would care.  It's not hard to create, and you will never get penalized for having one.  Can you afford the arrogance to NOT have one?


Mobile Friendly:

Google provides a page to check your site for mobile friendliness.  Simply enter your URL, and you will get a list of things to fix or a message that everything is cool.   Go to Google's Mobile Ready page, enter your URL, and see what it tells you.  Oh yes, another thing, if it is not mobile friendly, it will plummet in the search results.  Not mobile ready?  Contact Pat! 

Hey, nobody said it was going to be easy.  If it was, more people would be doing it.  Oh yes, beware of companies offering to move your site to the first page of Google.   Scam alert!   None of this is new, or earth shaking, but good old common ordinary sense.   Doubt me?  Go to Google and find out all I've been talking about.